Thomas Whiteaker,  Partner at Propel VC:

“Our visit to Israel hosted by Israel’s West Coast Economic Mission was eye opening and insightful for a first time visitor to Israel.  We were we in great company with our host Yael and other amazing investors from the US. New friendships were formed.  While in Israel we were provided with first hand access to the Israeli startup ecosystem including meetings with some of the top VC’s and entrepreneurs relevant to our charter.  It was a highly productive, fun and efficient visit and I look forward to future trips. Thanks Yael for all of the hard work you put into this visit!!!  Although Ryan has now virtually taken on the role as “Mayor of Tel Aviv”, we could never have done this without you”

Ryan Gilbert, Partner at Propel VC:

“Thanks to Israel’s West Coast Economic Mission six venture capital investors visited the Start-up Nation to learn more about Israel’s fintech eco-system. We returned enthused and amazed. We met over 300 entrepreneurs, VCs and bankers in four days and experienced the energy of start-up eco-systems in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. I look forward to new investments, partnerships and innovations over the next few years.”

Sean Liu, Investor at VY Capital:

“I just got back from the amazing Israel trip that you and Yael have organized. It was my very first time going to Israel and seeing the amazing companies that Israeli entrepreneurs have created is truly a transformative experience for me. The Vy team will very much look forward to sharing this amazing experience with more investors and entrepreneurs in the valley and in China and we are definitely returning more often to find opportunities here!”